Four Different Pricing Options for Your Trash Can & Dumpster Cleaning Needs

Residential Trash Can Cleaning Pricing

Our services are as affordable and convenient! Want your cans cleaned one-time, monthly, quarterly or annually? Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered. We can offer bespoke cleaning option plans. Sign up today and take your trash cans from stained, smelly and bacteria ridden to practically looking brand new! Don’t believe we can do it? Just read a sampling of our customer reviews here. Signing up online is as easy as 1-2-3, or if you would prefer you can call us 931-557-3030 and we’ll sign you up!

Dumpster Bath is a certified Merchant and we accept multiple forms of online payment options.

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One Time

1 Can Cleaning
$ 24
1x Cleaning
  • One Can - One Cleaning
  • +$5 Each Additional Can
  • Upgrade At Anytime
  • Pay For 1x Service Upfront
Just Try US

Try us out and if you like us, share our FB page and win a chance to win a quarterly subscription.

Monthly Plan

12 Monthly Visits
$ 14
  • One Can - One Cleaning
  • +$3 Each Additional Can
  • Upgrade At Anytime
  • Pay 1 Month Upfront*

*Minimum 3-mo subscription. Early cancellation fess will will apply.

Quarterly Plan

4 Quarterly Visits
$ 34
  • One Can - Four Cleanings
  • +$3 Each Additional Can
  • Upgrade At Anytime
  • Pay 1st Quarter Upfront

Annual Plan

12 Monthly Visits
$ 134
  • One Can - 13 Cleanings
  • +$3 Each Additional Can
  • Equals $9.61 - 1 Can
  • Pay 12 Months Upfront

Pay upfront and save $44.89 a year over our standard monthly plan.

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