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Let me tell you personally that working with Jennifer was fantastic and I really appreciate working with you guys on this and hope to do more in the future.

Thomas Dapra

Waste Services Broker (Compactor Cleaning)

Came home today to a trash can that was cleaned by Dumpster Bath. What an awesome job they did. If your trash can is smelly and nasty give these guys a call. They will solve your problem. I highly recommend you call and try out their services.

Kenny Shelton

Residential Customer

Very thorough, professional and my cans smelled great!

Tayler McCrary

Residential Customer-Pleasant View, TN

Great customer service! Marcus and Brianna were great and so hard working.

Sheena Dixon

Residential Pressure Wash Customer

On time and professional work.

Sergio Sanchez

Residential Customer

It is a great service! Very reliable and they do a great job.

Diane Miner

Residential Subscription Customer

I am so pleased with this service! My trash can looks brand new and smells amazing! I will definitely be using them again 🤩

Emily Burchett

Residential Customer

Came at the time I was given and my can looks like new. Smells great too! 😊

Laura Fabrega

Residential Customer

Called to find out about the services Dumpster Bath has to offer, and ended up signing up for a yearly subscription! Great customer service, great prices!

Stephanie McGuire

Residential Annual Subscription Customer

Steve and his crew are extremely professionaland do a GREAT job. Our carts look brand new! We will definitely use this company again!

Melanie Calvert

Green Village Recycling

Y’all, I have never seen a trashcan so clean and smell so good and it not be brand new. Very affordable. And they were fairly fast. Although did come later in the day than I expected, I’m super happy with it. (A bonus is they’re eco friendly so even better). Would definitely have them come again!

Brandi-Shea Figueiredo

Residential Customer

My trashcan looks and smells brand new! I highly recommend this company, they did a wonderful job and you will be thoroughly pleased with the cleaning service they provide.

Tiffany Jackson

Residential Customer

This service is AMAZING!

Allison Grimes

Residential Subscription Customer

The residents at this HOA are overjoyed to have a clean trash cart. Excellent job DUMPSTER BATH!

Rick Hollis

Ghertner & Property

I was very impressed!! I will absolutely be using Dumpster Bath in the future! Thank you so much!

Peyton Buchanon

Residential Customer

Thank You. Awesome. No more flies.

Tequilla Harris

Residential Customer

I had my trash can cleaned and they did a wonderful job. It was beyond dirty and they got it fully clean and smelling great!

Shawna Williamson

Residential Subscription Customer

OMG! Where have you guys been! I was reluctant at first but now a true believer of what your company is bringing to the community. My can looks new and I love the smelly stuff you used. I can finally put my can in the garage and not gag every time I walk by it. I cannot wait to tell my friends.

Kristine Tinney

Residential Subscription Customer

Great customer service! Spoke to Jennifer the morning of my trash pickup and she was able to schedule service same day. Truck arrived promptly after the trash pickup and they did a great job cleaning my can! I will use this service again!

Cheryl Wheeler

Residential Subscription Customer

My trash cans were disgusting; had mold and rust. When Dumpster Bath got through cleaning them they looked brand new!

Courtney Mathews

Residential Subscription Customer

I LOVE THEM! I've been using them for the past couple of months. Back in the summer and one of the 90 degree days someone put a bag of doggie doo, untied in my can. It did not empty when the trash trucks came and youcan imagine what it smelled like in that heat. I tried cleaning it out with my garden hose and spraying some lysol cleaner and nothing worked Dumpster Bath came to my rescue and now they come once a month!

Sheila Smith

Residential Subscription Customer

Though alot of my peers wondered about "why would you clean a trash can" I have been really happy to have a clean can every month. It is definitely one of those services that falls into the "where has this been" category. No more smells that build, avoidance of cleaning it myself, and just grime is gone. Price is a great value! The team is SUPER friendly and responsive, I am glad that they are getting a lot of customers because I want this to stick around.

Christopher Lange

Residential Subscription Customer

I use this service! I don’t have an outside faucet, so I can’t wash out my outside trashcan… And it can get nasty! Dumpster Bath to the rescue! Great service!

Barbara Kay

Residential Subscription Customer

Tennessee summer & heat doesn’t play around and neither do the flies. My trash can was a disgusting pit and I am so thankful that I saw Dumpster Bath driving around the other day and decided to try them out. They were quick and my can hasn’t looked or smelled better. Thank you so much! We are going to be long time customers for sure.

Kenzi Richardson Neuman

Residential Customer

When I first heard about Dumpster Bath I couldn't believe it was an actual service! I've never heard of it before. I've always spent an hour cleaning my trash cans with cleaner and a water hose. So when I seen this I was excited but thought there's no telling how much someone is going to charge to clean 2 big trash cans! I checked out the prices.... WOW! Super affordable! 

Jesse Ann Pennington

Residential Customer

(continued from above)....I gave them a try with a 1 time service and let me just say I will NEVER clean my own trash cans again as long as I live somewhere that dumpster bath services! As an added plus my 6 year old and 2 year old daughters wanted to go out and they watched the truck wash the cans. They thought it was so cool! And the man operating it was the friendliest ever! Seriously try them! You won't be disappointed!

Jesse Ann Pennington

Residential Customer

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