Trash Can, Garbage Bin & Dumpster Cleaning

We give your Trash Can, Garbage Bin, and Dumpster - a Bath!

Trash Can, Garbage Bin & Dumpster Cleaning

Advanced Trash Bin Washing Technology

Dumpster Bath is the only trash can and garbage bin cleaning service of its kind in Clarksville, TN offering a revolutionary cleaning process using clean hot water able to be safely heated to temperatures between 200 – 230 degrees. Other vendors will reuse dirty water that was previously used to clean cans or dumpsters or simply let it run down the drain. Providing the most sanitary, effective and environmentally safe cleaning system is our priority. Because the water is heated, we effectively kill 99.9% of the odor causing bacteria currently living in your cans.

Eliminate Bacteria & Odors

No matter how hard you try to keep your cans clean and odor free, they accumulate slime, grime and odors. Trash bags routinely tear and leak, allowing fluids and particles to settle at the bottom. This creates the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. It’s not enough to simply “close the lid” on the problem. Contact Dumpster Bath to solve this problem with our trash can cleaning service.

Environmentally Safe & Clean

Cleaning the can yourself isn’t effective or safe; it is a tad bit aggrevating though. Using cool water from the hose will not eliminate bacteria. If you try to introduce harsh chemicals to clean the bin you are exposing yourself to even more dangers, the bacteria and the chemicals! If you don’t properly collect and dispose of the used water, it becomes a pollutant in your yard, driveway or sidewalk and ultimately the storm drains.

Self Contained System

Our unique trucks are completely self-contained and do not allow for byproducts or used water to be released into storm drains or the ground water. We bring our own water to the site and we leave with the used water, to be disposed of in a way that isn’t damaging to the environment and meets all Tennessee Department of Environmental Quality (TDEQ) and EPA guidelines. Typically, when a homeowner attempts to do their own can washing, the used water containing all the nasty contaminates, is dumped into the property or the street. Not only is this NOT an eco-friendly method – it is downright unprofessional! 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

After becoming a Dumpster Bath customer, your trash can cleaning service will be scheduled either the day of or day following your designated trash pickup days. Our technicians will shadow the routes of your local trash service provider. After the cans have been emptied, and while at the curb, our technicians come through to clean, sanitize and deodorize your trash can. The service is complete, right there at your curb, with the final piece of the puzzle – to squirt an eco-friendly deodorizer. Our trash can cleaning service takes just a few minutes and your satisfaction is guaranteed! Have questions? Check out our frequently asked questions here.


Trash Can Cleaning Process

Dumpster Cleaning Process

Dumpster Bath in Action

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Property Managers


  • Dumpster & Pads
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  • Parking Lots
  • Drive Thru's
  • Storefronts

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  • Dumpster Cleaning
  • Oil Spill Cleanup
  • Fleet Washing

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