Our Operating Values

Safety & Customer Focused & Environmentally Aware...


Our Five Core Operating Values

Safety Always

Safety is not a program. It is our culture because we realize that what we do possesses frequent, multiple and significant risk considerations for our employees, our customers and the communities that we serve. We are driven by one thing – to ensure that every employee returns home to their families in the same condition that they were in when they began their workday.

Environmental Sustainability

We fully understand the importance of protecting our environment and our water supply. Our certified operators use only EPA approved Eco-friendly cleaning agents, capture all wastewater and dispose of it to TDEQ standards.

Customer Experience

Every employee knows and accepts that our customers help us grow. As such, we strive to provide a safe, professional, respectful, prompt, and quality customer experience. We want you long term. We want your referrals.

Employee Engagement

Our foundation as a local business is built on the shoulders of our employees. Each brings a certain level of solid waste, environmental or power wash experience to the table. Teamwork is a known essential. Each has a voice. Their opinion matters. They will matter. Collectively we will grow the business.

Community Involvement

Every team member is a local resident with strong personal ties to Clarksville. Either a life-long resident or brought to us by military status – we each selected Clarksville as our home for good reason and work hard to make it better through our non-profit support and volunteerism. Community support is a mandate for all employees.

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