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Reduce the Risk of Covid-19 Transmission – Clean Your Trash Can

Minimize the spread of Covid-19 with a thorough Dumpster Bath Cleaning –

Despite continuous efforts to keep things clean and sanitary particularly during the current COVID-19 pandemic, there is still one place many do not clean. Yet, it continues to provide safe harbor to dirt, filth, bacteria, viruses and stench. “If it would have been a snake, it would have bitten us.” Difficult to guess, but the answer is not a mystery either – it’s the cans and dumpsters we use to transfer our trash and garbage. We frequently clean our toilets, but when was the last time we considered cleaning our filth ridden and smelly trash can or dumpster? It’s important to make sure your home is clean and free of germs during the coronavirus pandemic, and that even includes your trash cans and dumpsters.

Dumpster Bath in Clarksville, TN is the first trash and dumpster cleaning service in the Middle Tennessee Region. They specialize in disinfecting the garbage cans sitting outside your home or the dumpsters sitting behind commercial businesses.

Dumpster Bath, LLC is a local Clarksville, Tennessee based retired veteran owned and operated professional power wash service company that offers eco-friendly residential and commercial power washing services with a niche twist: we clean and sanitize trash cans and dumpsters. Our team of ex-solid waste and Power Washers of North America (PWNA) certified industry professionals are committed to a healthy and clean environment and have designed our service offerings to tend to a multitude of often-unattended residential, commercial and industrial cleaning situations.

Dumpster Bath’s core service focus is to provide eco-friendly trash can, dumpster and dumpster pad cleaning, sanitization and deodorization services using high pressure, hot water and steam, and EPA approved cleaning agents that will:

  • kill harmful bacteria and viruses to include Covid-19
  • eradicate bad odors
  • eliminate maggots, parasitic breeding grounds and wild animal infestation
  • mitigate employee slip, trip and fall possibilities
  • and significantly enhance property appeal

The water we use, capture, and recover is then disposed of using only Tennessee Department of Environmental Quality (TDEQ) and EPA approved disposal methods.

The company’s  unique, self-contained mobile cleaning trucks are equipped with a self-contained hopper and solid waste collection truck hydraulic lifters that allow the operator to safely pick up your trash cans or dumpsters outside your home or business using extremely hot water at high pressure to destroy bacteria and airborne disease. Steve Slater and Mike Welker says their system uses >230-degree water and steam to clean, sanitize and disinfect your trash cans.

“With the COVID-19 disease living on the surfaces for up to seven days on most surfaces, and some longer, this is definitely a way to make sure these germs and diseases are killed,” owner Steve Slater said.

Dumpster Bath says high temperature heat can be a factor in reducing and eliminating bacteria. Slater explains when it comes to COVID-19, it has been established that the virus will be eliminated at a rate of 10,000 units every 30 minutes at a temperature of 133 F. Through Dumpster Bath’s hot water pressure and steam, Welker says COVID-19 doesn’t stand a chance.

You can schedule a cleaning to protect yourself and others by visiting the Dumpster Bath website at, its Facebook page, or send an email to or call 931-557-3030.

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